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Houston Chronicle

Lower Back Fat Burning While Running |

Lower Back Fat Burning While Running |

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Houston Chronicle

Upright Vs. Seated Vs. Spinning Bike

With two types of stationary bikes available at most gyms -- upright and seated -- you may wonder which will work best to meet your goals. Then there are spinning bikes, normally used for specialized ......

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Houston Chronicle

The Best Types of Workout Machines

The best types of workout machines you’ll find at the gym are those that work as many different muscle groups together as possible. The more muscles you work, the more calories you'll burn. ......

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Houston Chronicle

Losing Weight on the Elliptical by Burning Calories or Fat

The elliptical machine is an effective tool for weight loss as well as cardiovascular health. It's your personal fitness goals that are going to dictate what setting you choose to use. The difference ......

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Houston Chronicle

Does Walking Help Burn Butt Fat?

Walking is an effective way to lower your weight and elevate mood; the benefits don't end there. You'll see an improvement in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Walking not only helps burn butt ......

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Houston Chronicle

What Cardio Makes You Lose Weight the Fastest? |

What Cardio Makes You Lose Weight the Fastest? | Ch...